2020 – Coronavirus – Lockdown – What have we learned about ourselves?

2020 is a year we will remember and will certainly make the history books.  This has to be the strangest event of my lifetime.

We can use this Coronavirus experience as a springboard into a better future, whether that is personal or on a bigger scale.

It has been interesting to hear of some people who lived through World War II saying that lockdown was worse.  Living in Guernsey, my father was evacuated to Glasgow with his siblings during the war.  That must have been a very scary time.  I am grateful that we are not in a world war though.  I’d take lockdown over a war any time.

I tend to get a little philosophical when events happen either to me personally or on a larger scale.   If I can take something positive or useful from an experience, then I feel it has been worthwhile.  Life’s experiences are an opportunity to learn about ourselves and to grow and develop.

We have all gone through our own experiences and emotions including fears, anxieties, frustrations, loss of social connection and the feeling of togetherness.  Many of us have been able to get on with household jobs which have been waiting in the wings for attention for months or even years.  We have witnessed immense kindness as well as selfishness.  The selfishness most likely borne out of fear.

Sometimes it has been hard to understand the actions of others.  We all have our views on how things should be handled.  We might get angry with someone who does not obey the rules and guidelines.  More emotions thrown into the melting pot.

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Have you learned more about yourself during lockdown and the Coronavirus experience?  Perhaps you are more resilient than you realised or perhaps you have more fears than you knew.  Some people have realised they are more extraverted or introverted than they believed they were.  Some people have decided they must stop smoking.  Whilst others want to lose weight or exercise regularly.

Even though we are coming through the stages out of lockdown quite quickly in Guernsey, I feel that a process of personal change is still in motion.  I wonder if you are experiencing changes in the way you think about yourself or life.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help with self-reflection:

– What have I learned about myself?


– What has changed for the better that I wish to continue?


– What do I need to release that is not serving me (eg emotions, fear etc)?


– What areas of the media (including social media) were beneficial and what areas created negative emotions in me?


– What created stress for me?  How could I react differently so as not to have felt that stress?


– What is important to me?


– What will I change on an environmental level?


– Have I realised that there are people in my life who do not contribute anything positive?


– What do I want to do for my health and well-being (physical and mental)?


– Who do I want to spend my time with going forward?


– What do I want to spend my future doing?


– What action am I now going to take to incorporate the changes I wish to make?


– I have gained from this experience because……….

Things that have helped me look after my mental well-being during lockdown and the COVID-19 situation are not to watch the news.  I have chosen to pay no attention to anything negative shared on social media.  I have been conscious to become informed through the proper channels and watching independent interviews from interviewers with no agenda.


Having a purpose was also important.  I never have problems keeping busy.  I spent a lot of time writing and also did some DIY.  It took me a long time to  appreciate that I could take some time to relax but towards the end I allowed myself some time out.

Although I was able to see clients through Skype, I learned that I missed my studio client work.

I have been immensely grateful to be living on this beautiful Island and at how much the sun has been shining over recent months.  In stressful times, connecting with gratitude can really help to lighten the mood.

Take a little self-reflection and consider how you can change your life for the better.  There may be things you want to address such as fears or anxieties.  You may have decided you would like a career change or want to take up a new hobby.

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Ann Bowditch is a Member & Trainer registered on the General Hypnotherapy Register