Whatever the addiction, I promise you a safe place to talk, free of judgement and completely private.

Addictions can be all-consuming and destructive. However, when you become free, you really start to live life. I’ve witnessed the benefits of overcoming addictions from my clients. It can change your life on so many levels. Build your self-esteem and confidence and open up a more positive mind-set. You have everything to gain by freeing yourself of addiction.

To have an addiction is to suggest that you have no power over whatever it is you are addicted to. It might give you a high, be a crutch, help you forget stresses or trauma, relax you, or serve some other purpose. It can even feel like a friend.

This may be for many reasons, perhaps another area of your life is lacking, you might have the addiction so that you don’t have to think about past or present situations which cause you distress. You may feel worthless, unloved, helpless or hopeless.

That substance or behaviour initially makes you feel good, various feel good hormones are released in your body and you crave more of it. You want that feeling again. However, over time, damage will set in and you will want to be free.

The draw of whatever you are addicted to is so strong that it feels as if it has power over you. You will have formed unconscious habits around this addiction.

I work with you to change your thought processes around whatever the addiction is to release you from its clutches. I will help you have faith in yourself, build yourself up and take your power back.

This might involve helping you through any difficulties you are currently experiencing or events from the past that have not be resolved within the control centre of your mind, the subconscious.

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Gambling was ruling my life. I had some sessions with Ann to help with my gambling addiction and can safely say that I haven’t gambled since our sessions. When we gamble we don’t think of the negatives but now when I think about gambling I don’t get the same excitement about it. In fact I just see that chances are I will lose my money which is of course what happened 99% of the time. Anyhow, but you just keep going with that glimmer of hope. Ann’s studio is a welcoming environment and Ann is great. The state of trance was very relaxing although in the first session I didn’t think I was in trance, something changed afterwards so I must have been. I felt that I went into a deeper trance on the second session. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Ann and if I ever felt the need I would seek further help from her on pretty much any issue. Her professionalism is second to none, I never once felt judged. I can’t thank Ann enough for the help she has given me.

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