Anxiety is one of the main areas that I help clients to overcome. You will feel welcome in my private studio and find it a relaxing and safe place to talk.

Anxiety can be overwhelming and something that can happen as the result of a single event in your life, a catalogue of events, stress or due to some significant change in your life.  It can also occur as a result of learned behaviour.  Learned behaviour is something we pick up unconsciously, when we are very young usually, from parents or possibly siblings.

Anxiety is your mind and body trying to protect you.  It is the fight or flight response – preparing you to fight or run away (flight).  The impact can be so strong that it leads to panic attacks and then very often the mind is focused on the fear of having a panic attack.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder can cause problems in many areas of your life.  However, many of my clients have benefitted from new mindset techniques along with my treatments. 

If anxiety is the result of an event (trauma), we can resolve the trauma within the subconscious mind, the powerhouse of the mind.  This gives you a solid foundation upon which we can address the intricacies of the anxiety.  I have a holistic approach which enables me to understand the causes and work through solutions.

People who suffer with anxiety have shown they have very powerful minds to hypnotise themselves with that negative mindset.  Therefore we use that powerful mind to make positive changes.

I use a combination of therapies for a more powerful approach to success.  Each session is bespoke to you.  The sooner you kick anxiety into touch the better as it does often tend to get worse because of the way the brain ‘pattern matches’ and sees more and more situations as a threat.

I often back up the work we do together in my studio with supporting recordings so that you can progress further and embed the good work carried out in each session. 

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Discover my self-help book ‘The Energy of Anxiety’, offering great insights for sufferers.

Straight away Ann made me feel at ease. She is a wonderful person who doesn’t judge you, she listens, really listens and sets about the very best path to help you. Through a number of techniques Ann has taught me how to overcome my feelings of anxiety, how to work out which feelings are ‘normal’ anxiety that everyone gets from time to time and how not to feed these feelings and make them escalate. I haven’t had one panic attack since my sessions with Ann. I am much more confident and no longer spend my time thinking ‘what if’. I have resumed a ‘normal’ life I go out for meals, go shopping, just go about my every day life, calmly and confident. A big thank you to Ann for giving me my life back.
- Jo

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