Are we conditioning our children to be self critical?

More and more children have self-esteem issues which can lead to serious problems such as anxieties, depression, eating disorders and self harming.  So has the world changed or are we more aware of these issues?

I can only cast my view.  I do believe probably both these points are relevant.  Youngsters have had self-esteem issues as far back as we know but I also believe that as a society we are creating more issues for them through reality TV shows, social media and photo-shop not to mention idealistic pop stars.

The big question is what can be done about it.  Perhaps to start with we need to talk openly about these issues and help them to embrace all parts of themselves.  To see the perfection in their imperfections.  To ensure they know that they don’t need to be perfect and what is perfect to one person is not necessarily perfect to another.

Switch the computers off, televisions off, leave the phones at home and get in touch with nature.  Go outside and walk and play.  Encourage them to feel affection for their bodies and other people’s bodies even if those bodies are wonky, fat, short, tall or in whatever way considered not perfect.  To like wrinkles and understand that those wrinkles tell a story, those wrinkles are wisdom and most of all love.

Get them in touch with reality and embrace their imperfections.