Bereavement & Grief

Losing a loved one can have a huge impact on your life.  The death of a loved one, can be traumatic but we often keep our darker thoughts private.

When you lose someone dear to you it is absolutely right to grieve.  It is best to let that process happen, so if you need to cry – cry and if you need to talk – talk.

When we do not express these emotions, or have some sort of confusion or conflict around the death of a loved one, it impacts us.

We might feel disbelief, anger, regret or resentment. Guilt can be a very destructive emotion, which is commonly felt by those who have lost someone close to them.  These are emotions which get stuck in us and leak into our behaviours and health.  

Very often one session can help someone release feelings and emotions that they have been holding in, both physically and mentally.  Part of the treatment is to help you remember your loved one in a positive way.  I rarely use the term ‘closure’ but, in a way, my process does provide you a very comforting closure.  My clients report seeing their loved one in happier times, feeling lighter and no longer held back by painful emotions.

Ann at Hypnotherapy & Holistic Health has helped me deal with a range of deep seated issues using a whole range of unique and innovative techniques in a compassionate and non-judgemental way. Ann really cares about her clients and her willingness to go the extra mile and pro-actively follow up progress really makes her stand apart from normal therapy services. I would thoroughly recommend HHH to anyone struggling to deal with difficult matters – it will be money very well spent!

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