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Stop Smoking & Vaping

Stop Smoking/Vaping Hypnotherapy has been a great option for people wanting to give up cigarettes or vaping.  After all, it is your belief system that is keeping you smoking. You have convinced yourself that you need to smoke but the reality is that you can live your life free of cigarettes or vaping. As long…

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Contact   The Wing, Bow Falls, Rue des Houmets, Castel, GY5 7TN   +44 7781 111 186   Online Sessions available Request an appointment Have you got questions? Make sure to visit our FAQ section, or ask below Clear Search

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Articles The curse of comparison By Ann BowditchJanuary 25, 2022 We compare ourselves to others more than ever now.  This is exacerbated by social media of course.  We are led into a false sense of reality as everybody dresses their social media shop window exactly as they wish, in order to portray whatever they desire to…

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Have you got questions? Search below or browse our FAQ section Clear Search Travel Anxiety Thank you Ann for all the time, help, support, encouragement, advice and expertise you have given to our teenage daughter with regard to her severe anxiety whilst travelling through airports. We came to you in desperation after two years of being…

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Lisa Barry 'A Mother's Journey Interview – Overcoming Adversity

Lisa Barry – A Mother’s Journey –  Lisa specialises in working with mothers at any stage of their journey to support and guide whatever is going on for them and their children. She is a practitioner of many therapies including: Colour Mirrors Emotional Freedom Technique Matrix Reimprinting and many more Lisa says: “Having been through many…

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Self Belief – The Root of Many Problems

Far too often people have a low opinion of themselves.  They doubt themselves. They question their own judgement.  They feel they are not good enough.  They run over and over in their minds their actions or things they have said in case they have said or done wrong.  They compare themselves to others and always…

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