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Signs that you lack confidence

Ever felt like your inner light was dimmed by self-doubt? You’re not alone. Low self-confidence can stealthily affect various aspects of our lives. Very often, lack of confidence has roots which usually go back to our childhood.  However, there are times when we get through our childhood with our confidence in tact, only for something…

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Self-Care = Self Preservation

Do you resist putting yourself first or giving yourself some self care or love? I look upon self care as self preservation. Life can be challenging and we have all sorts to deal with through the course of life, including stress, trauma, looking after others, working hard, paying the bills and much more. Our health is…

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Men’s Mental Health

Men’s Mental Health We all have mental health. Sometimes it’s good, other times it needs addressing. You will find a safe and comfortable place to address whatever is causing you difficulties. There is no matter too small. If it is making your life less pleasant or stopping you getting the best out of life we…

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Insomnia Hypnotherapy has been a great solution for many people suffering insomnia.  I take a holistic approach to understanding exactly what is happening in your situation and the changes needed.  Often a mix of hypnotherapy, my other treatments and techniques along with a few practical solutions have my clients sleeping great again. Insomnia is usually the…

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