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Self-Care = Self Preservation

Do you resist putting yourself first or giving yourself some self care or love? I look upon self care as self preservation. Life can be challenging and we have all sorts to deal with through the course of life, including stress, trauma, looking after others, working hard, paying the bills and much more. Our health is…

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The curse of comparison

We compare ourselves to others more than ever now.  This is exacerbated by social media of course.  We are led into a false sense of reality as everybody dresses their social media shop window exactly as they wish, in order to portray whatever they desire to the world.  Many use social media as a means of…

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2020 – Coronavirus – Lockdown – What have we learned about ourselves?

2020 is a year we will remember and will certainly make the history books.  This has to be the strangest event of my lifetime. We can use this Coronavirus experience as a springboard into a better future, whether that is personal or on a bigger scale. It has been interesting to hear of some people…

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Listen to me…please

Often my work goes in themes.  I sometimes have lots of clients who want to lose weight, suffer anxiety or want to stop smoking.  Other occasions there is a running theme such as challenges with a family member or feeling unsupported. The theme of the day is not feeling that people are listening to what…

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