In my time as a therapist, I have not met a single person who isn’t impressive in some way.  I really do believe we all bring something to the table.  I know it…now you need to know it.  The work we do in my private studio will bring out your confidence whether that is for something specific or generally in life.  Part of confidence building is teaching you some tips and techniques but also to help you see things in a new light.

Life events chip away at our innate confidence.  These events might be making a mistake and being laughed at or put down, being constantly told you aren’t doing well enough, struggling through the schooling system or being bullied. Sometimes being over-protected by a parent can cause you not to have the confidence to step outside of your comfort zone.  You might not recall consciously the key reason for this lack of confidence.

How you felt at the time and what you believed become imprinted in your mind.  This is a subconscious process.  You forms beliefs such as “I’m not good enough”, “I can’t do it”, “I’m useless”, “Everyone else is better than me” and you spend the rest of your life reconfirming those beliefs.  When you do well, you ignore it, put it down to fluke or find fault with it rather than say “I did well there”.

Confidence plays a key role in so many areas of our lives including relationships, career, activities and hobbies. What we tell ourselves is so important.  If we go into an event with the best possible mindset, we set ourselves up for success.

I use techniques that help to release those incorrect, negative and unhelpful beliefs.  I help you appreciate what you are capable of and provide simple techniques you can use for yourself.  

You can do it, you are definitely good enough and you are brilliantly skilled and talented.  Confidence underpins many other issues in life (including anxiety and depression).  Therefore, getting your confidence in order will help you get the rest of your life in order.

I am author of The Power of Confidence.

An insightful self-help book helping you to build your confidence and feel more empowered in life.

I found Ann through a search on the internet and it was such an answer to long held worries and upset in my life. I believe everything happens for a reason, and this was no accident. Ann is kind, compassionate , professional and extremely good at what she does. Ann has given me the peace of mind I have dreamed about. I am not a hugger but her help and support meant I felt compelled to hug Ann at the end of our sessions! I know our paths will cross again and your trustworthiness and brilliance means I would have no fear. If you are reading this, I would urge you to take the next step.

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