There can be great benefits to corporations in bringing wellness to your work or supporting your staff with private sessions.

I work in balance with your corporation’s requirements in order to help your staff reduce stress, become more confident, healthier, be more motivated and bring harmony inter-company relationship issues.

There are various techniques that I am able to teach your staff which they can use in stressful situations to help reduce their stress levels.  Specific issues can be worked through such as presentation anxiety, meeting confidence and health.  Having worked in the finance sector for over 20 years, I understand the pressures.

Many corporations now provide support for their staff to have one to one sessions.

A less stressed, more confident and healthier workforce creates a better overall balance for your corporation with increased productivity and reduces lost resources through sickness.

I am happy to discuss how I can help your business.

I have really enjoyed your workshop yesterday. I was using some of the techniques today and it actually worked for me. I feel more confident, perhaps because I am better equipped to deal with my anxiety. I feel positive about making small changes with big difference.

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