Depression is a symptom.  It is also a message, something is wrong and needs to be addressed.  When people suffer with depression it can impact their energy levels, work life, social life and family life.  

It’s been a pleasure to witness the turnaround in my clients when we address the underlying causes of depression.  Part of the process often creates a sense of empowerment.  You do have a say in your life. My therapy also provides a great opportunity to create much better feelings about yourself. 

In my experience of working with clients for over a decade, depression is the result of events that happen to us, the beliefs we form and the way we perceive ourselves, the world and life.  Those with unhealed trauma often suffer depression.  It can also be the result of feeling stuck in a situation, perhaps a relationship or job that is unfulfilling.  We can feel helpless and hopeless. It also causes us to feel very low about ourselves.

There is no doubt that some people are more prone to being depressed than others but we are all susceptible to depression, given a certain set of circumstances.

Some reasons people suffer with depression include childhood trauma (big and small), being over-stressed for a long period, being made redundant, feeling isolated, adult stress or trauma or grief.  Depression can creep up on you but the good news is that you can take control and make changes to rebalance your mind and body by working with me.

I have worked with people who suffer with mild to severe depression.  As with other issues, I work in a bespoke way to find the right solutions for you.  Treatment usually involves understanding your belief system and working to create a more positive belief system, healing any trauma, helping you gain new perspectives, addressing anything in the way of gaining a positive view on life and yourself, being a support to you and providing some simple techniques.  It may involve some additional techniques or well-being activities that you can do for yourself between sessions.

The first step might feel big but once you take it, you are on the road to creating a better life.

Ann enabled me to open myself up to feeling loved and give love to my baby girl, my boys and my husband and to trust again. I can now sleep peacefully, switching off to all the noise of everyday life. I can confidently stand tall and walk into buildings that once left me a quivering, sobbing wreck. While I know the journey was mine alone to make, it was my choosing to put these events to rest and my knowing that the time was right for me to accept these changes, I couldn’t have made that journey without Ann’s unfailing guidance every step of the way, to see the journey to its conclusion. Ann really has a gift for instilling trust, a feeling of safety and calmness in her little sanctuary. Ann has given me my life back, given my husband back his wife and soul mate and my children their loving mother, for that we are all eternally grateful.

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