Eating Disorders

A friend once said to me that there is a fine balance between an eating disorder and disordered eating.  Eating disorders take charge of your life and can be destructive on many levels whether binge eating, anorexia or bulimia. You will feel safe to address any underlying challenges you face and we work together to help you live a more fulfilling life.

Often my work is not just therapy but a learning curve.  I call it personal development.  You will learn about yourself, others and life along the way.  This is knowledge that you take with you for life.  It will change the way you see yourself and look at others around you. It will enable you to set boundaries, be much kinder to yourself and live a more content life. So much can be achieved when you commit to sessions and are prepared to do the work.

There is no doubt that eating disorders are complex, which is why I am specifically trained to deal with this sensitive subject.

The causes can be multiple and complex.  In working with someone who has an eating disorder, it is important to look at you as a whole.

To help create a more positive belief system, build up self-esteem, self-worth and other specific areas which are unique to you.

Once we build you a strong foundation, helping to heal trauma where appropriate, we can make further changes.  I support you through the process and guide you to see different perspectives.

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I first went to Ann at the beginning of the year to try to sort out my comfort eating. I didn’t realise how many underlying issues were causing my problem. After the 1st session I felt so much more in control and as the sessions went on I was freed from all my underlying issues. How wonderful it felt to be rid off the feelings of worthlessness and to feel like the old me again after years of bullying to become more confident and so much more relaxed.

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