Fear & Phobias

Fears are held within the subconscious mind which is why hypnotherapy is a great option for addressing these.  

Fears and phobias can be ‘learned behaviour’ such as from a parent.  A common example is perhaps you saw your mother panic or scream when she saw a spider.  Another reason fears and phobias happen is due to a single event (or combination of events).  An example of this is a fear of flying developing following a flight with lots of turbulence causing you to feel that you had no control at the time.  Your subconscious stores such events and this causes fear next time you fly or perhaps are up high. 

Fears and phobias can escalate so a fear of flying, becomes a fear of heights or enclosed spaces and so on.  It’s quite common for an anxiety sufferer to develop more specific fears.

We work with your subconscious mind to release the link between that event and the emotions.  There are various ways we can do this. We may also address any patterns that your mind has made to create that fear reaction.

I also like to empower my clients so I also teach you techniques to help you remain calm.

Fears and phobias can very often be released quickly and well worth taking the time to overcome these so they don’t impact your life.

Having several phobias, the worst being scared of heights, I was asked by Ann if I would like to try hypnotherapy. Being a bit sceptical I sat, tongue in cheek, but also very apprehensively as you never know what might happen in these type of sessions! Ann is a true professional at everything she does and I really need not have worried. When the session was over I felt no different to when I started. The proof of the pudding as they say would be when I next ran on the cliffs or had to hold a ladder for my husband – both of which sent shivers up my spine and made me feel quite giddy. My first run on Les Tielles cliffs was amazing, without even realising it I ran to Pleinmont and back looking out to sea and to the bays below without so much as a shiver – and I didn’t have to ask my husband not to go too close to the edge! This weekend saw the Christmas lights put up around the house, me holding the ladder and not a single whinge for him not to go too high, no lightheadedness, no churning stomach – I used to have to look at the ground. I am so impressed – I know it is early days but I feel so excited to think that I can say goodbye to this phobia. Thank you so much Ann. Another achievement you can be proud of.
Mhairi R

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