Guilt is a key negative emotion. It can be all-consuming and energy draining.  It takes away much of your happiness and enjoyment of life.  Very often the level of guilt felt is completely out of proportion to the issue concerned.  There must become a point when you are ready to let go of the guilt because it is serving no purpose.

For some, guilt is something that has been programmed into us through our upbringing.  Perhaps it is there because of what we see as ‘society norms’ – the way we feel we should behave.

It can often be felt following the loss of a loved one because you feel you should have done more or been there more for them.

Sometimes guilt can be so overwhelming that we develop unhealthy behaviours so as not to feel the guilt.  These could include drinking alcohol, over-eating, self-sabotaging or negative thinking which might involve re-running a situation over and over.

Some of my clients have carried guilt for over 40 years. Sometimes through childhood into adulthood. Punishing themselves on a daily basis.  As long as we learn the lessons (when appropriate), we can let go of the guilt.

I will help you to release the guilt and bring balance to your thinking by gaining new perspectives.  Taking that huge weight off your shoulders.  There is no need to keep suffering.  It is time to let it go.

I was feeling overwhelmed and very down. The doctor prescribed me anti-depressants but I didn’t take them as I know they can have side effects. I had heard of Ann’s good work through a few friends and decided I’d contact Ann on the off chance she could help. Help she did! I had no idea that my low mood was down to guilt but Ann gently prised that out of me in no time and Ann used a few different methods (which she had previously explained to me) to help me put the issues to bed and see ‘guilt’ in a different light realising that the guilt I was experiencing was out of proportion. So all in all I feel massively better, I have some ‘tools’ that Ann has taught me too. As Ann says she likes to “empower’ her clients and that she does. Ann is caring, easy to talk to and puts you at ease very quickly so if in doubt, just make that call. Thank you Ann I feel so much better.

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