Whether we are suffering mental or physical ill health, there is a message that something is wrong or needs addressing. We cannot separate physical, emotional and mental health, as they are so connected. Stress has to go somewhere. Good health is not a given in life but we can be part of our own solution to helping our minds and bodies be the best they can be.

A holistic approach is the most rewarding because you learn along the way.   You can begin to recognise what triggers ill health and take action for good long term health.

There are many health issues which cannot be solved by the allopathic medicine such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I.B.S., M.E., and Auto-Immune Diseases.  Allopathic medicine can only provide relief from the symptoms but often the medication used to provide that relief can create uncomfortable side effects.

I see clients for many different types of health issues including migraines, fibromyalgia, fatigue, I.B.S., pain, unhealed injuries and anything else which has remained problematic.

As with other issues, I look at each case individually.  I am a practitioner of META Health and therefore understand the specific emotional links to health issues.

By addressing the traumas and stresses in your life at a subconscious level, this invites the body to heal.   When we have trauma we go into a response called “freeze”.  Unlike wild animals we do not release the trauma by releasing the freeze response and it stays trapped within the subconscious mind, impacting our belief system,  is held within the cells of the body and energetically within our body field. This is why it is so important to address trauma and stresses in life.

Often when I work with clients, it is also a learning curve I call ‘personal development’.  You gain greater insight about yourself and your triggers, build a more positive belief system, gain greater awareness of others who impact your life and build new perspectives.  Our health is our responsibility, however, so many of us wait until it all goes wrong before we address it.  Good health is something that requires effort.  If we make that effort, we have a greater opportunity to live a good and healthier life.

Thank you so, so much for all your help. His recovery and development are a large part down to you. You helped him cope and get over chronic pain and ME. You’ll never know how grateful we all are!
Christa (talking about her son)

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