Hypnotherapy for Workplace Issues – Redundancy

Redundancy is a traumatic time for most people.  In itself redundancy is a traumatic event, particularly when unexpected.  It can leave you worried about your future, your family, your finances, how you are going to pay the mortgage and wondering whether you will get another job.

People can feel a sense of failure when they are made redundant or have a feeling or rejection.   Anger can be the resultant emotion as you wonder why you were the chosen one or you’ve perhaps felt that your boss always wanted you out. Panic and depression can set in if all the emotions are not dealt with. These feelings can impact your ability to perform in a future job interview.  Job interviews are quite nerve-wracking, even why you make a choice to change jobs, but for some who are out of practice of interviews they can be quite frightening.

I work with clients to regain their confidence and to help them prepare for the future.  Hypnotherapy is a great tool for helping with interview preparation.  I also use other techniques to help you calm your nerves, release negative feelings about the redundancy and feel much more positive about the future.

About Ann

ANN BOWDITCH is a member and trainer registered on the General Hypnotherapy Register and uses her skills to help people overcome many issues including weight loss, cravings, addictions, anxiety, depression, insomnia, bullying and confidence issues.  Ann works in a unique way often by combining therapies tailoring sessions specifically for the individual.

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Ann Bowditch GQHP, GHR Reg., META-P
Dip (Hyp) Hypnotherapy
EFT Level 3 (AAMET Certified) & Matrix Reimprinting
Meta-Health & EmoTrance
Colour Mirrors
PSTEC Level 1-A (Advanced PSTEC)