Let Down By The Schooling System

Many of our early memories come from school.  My very first memory is meeting my long term best mate Sam, whilst she was playing with the scales on an introductory day at Infant School (Year 1 in today’s language).

Sadly, often through school becomes disappointment, fear, bullying and negative feelings about ourselves.  My big disappointment came with failing the 11+.  This caused me to believe that I was not clever.  I felt inferior in many situations including being the only secondary school pupil at under 15 Island hockey trials.  My teacher encouraged me to go but I felt like a fish out of water.

Many negative beliefs are formed in those early years, which means that school can have such a negative influence unless we can create a balanced view.  Common beliefs are:

– I’m not good enough

– I’m weird

– I’m stupid

– I’m useless

– I don’t fit in

These beliefs are carried through into adult life and impact us often without realising what the root cause is or knowing how to resolve these issues.  Luckily hypnotherapy and the other therapies I use are incredibly successful at releasing the negative beliefs and creating a better and more fulfilling life.


I see children from age 4 upwards in my work to help with all types of issues including separation anxiety, fears and phobias, lack of confidence, bullying, health issues, depression, self-harm, eating disorders, OCD and many others.   There is autism, ADHD and ADD to consider too.

At the heart of most of this is a schooling system which, in reality, can never be a one-size-fits-all system but perhaps the system does need to be adjusted and updated.  More and more youngsters are being home-schooled which in many ways is a life saver for those who are able to achieve this.

I want people to know that what happens at school and what exams we obtain are not the be all and end all.  Some youngsters are so stressed about homework and have so little ‘down-time’.  This is not good for their mental, emotional or physical health.

I know some people believe exams are everything but far too many people suffer and feel bad about themselves because they are told this and cannot deal with the expectations placed on them.

I have obtained many qualifications post school and, since becoming self-employed over 11 years ago, all of these qualifications have been related specifically to what I am interested in.  This means I enjoy gaining my qualifications, I absorb the information, and I also put them to good use.


I’m sure learning about cosines and tangents is useful for some but I’ve never once needed them.  All I recall from Geography is a lesson on combine harvesters and thinking “why are we learning this?” – it may have been important for me to learn this but the truth is I was bored.  History – 1066 – yes of course Battle of Hastings but I think that’s all I remember.  I think in many ways I was just not stimulated at school.  I just didn’t understand Animal Farm, there, I’ve admitted it.  I got more out of Home Economics – learning to cook than many lessons.  Physical Education for me was possibly a life saver but I also know that for many it was torture.

It will always be impossible to achieve a structure that suits every child but how we go about things can change a way a child perceives themselves.  Help them understand that being bright and clever is achieved in so many ways and the reality is when we ignite the passion in someone, then they will shine.  That may be in computer programming, art, music, sport or something else entirely.  Don’t forget – ignite the passion.  When someone doesn’t believe in themselves – there will most likely be no passion.


Talk about the possibilities for them.  Don’t keep them inside over break-time because they are struggling with work.  This starts to make them feel they are naughty, different, useless or something else negative.  They will develop unhelpful or unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Face the bullying – don’t cover it up or ignore when a child or parent raises concerns.

We need to really open our eyes and ears – look and listen – really listen.  Tell youngsters they are great.  Help build their self-belief.  Help them know it’s ok to fail because this is just learning but get back up and give it another try.  I failed at my first Under 15 hockey trials – I didn’t make the Island Team but I did the next time I tried.  I ended up playing for the Island.

We have a health service under strain.  If we create a society where people are happier and more fulfilled, there will be better health on all levels.

We need to instil self-worth and self-belief in today’s youngsters because these are the people who will be running the country in years to come.

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About Ann

ANN BOWDITCH is a member and trainer registered on the General Hypnotherapy Register and General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and has run her own private practice in Guernsey for over 8 years.

Author of The Energy of Anxiety, a self-help book offering new perspectives and modern techniques.

Ann is also a practitioner of a number of therapies including EFT, Energy in Motion, META Health, NES Health, Matrix Reimprinting, Colour Mirrors. She is also a RMTi Consultant – the only one in the Channel Islands.  Ann uses her skills to help people overcome many issues including depression, health, stress, weight loss, performance, cravings, addictions, anxiety, insomnia, bullying and confidence issues.  She works in a unique way often by combining therapies tailoring sessions specifically for the individual.

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Ann Bowditch is a Member & Trainer registered on the General Hypnotherapy Register