Men's Mental Health

We all have mental health. Sometimes it’s good, other times it needs addressing. You will find a safe and comfortable place to address whatever is causing you difficulties. There is no matter too small. If it is making your life less pleasant or stopping you getting the best out of life we need to address it.

In my private studio, you will feel safe to speak. There is no judgement. We will work together to help you overcome any obstacles in the way of living your best life.

Far too often men believe they should be able to cope and deal with problems on their own. They don’t like to burden anyone else. However, life is not so simple nowadays, which means any one of us can feel bad at times in our lives. If you need some help or support to get the best out of life then you are at the right place.

Good mental and physical health is the foundation of a good life. Struggles with mental health impact your day to day life, your family, social life and working life. They might impact your sleep and even your physical well-being.

Addressing your mental health is just as important whether you are a man or woman. Importantly, the earlier you address issues, the quicker you can get back to feeling good. Mental health issues not addressed might lead to an escalation of problems.

At HHH, you will find a relaxed atmosphere in a private studio setting. You will quickly feel at ease. I have found men to respond extremely well to my treatments.

Mental health issues can be far ranging. It also is not a problem if you do not have a name/diagnosis for what you are experiencing.
Some mental health issues, or consequence of mental health problems, might include:

  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Depression
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Eating Disorders
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Lack of motivation
  • Self-sabotage
  • Low self-esteem or confidence
  • Addictions
  • Relationship challenges
  • Grief & Bereavement
  • Self-harm
  • Anger / Violence
  • Nightmares or Night Terrors

A lot of the problems we experience as adults stems from childhood. Using my treatments, you are able to move on and feel much lighter.
It feels so good to release negativity either in terms of thoughts or emotions which no longer serve you and make you feel bad.
Whatever the issue, for your own good, I encourage you to seek help. Men often tell me they feel better for getting the heavy burden off their shoulders.
Whatever you desire, is possible. You can raise your self-esteem, gain confidence and release anything which has been holding you back. All you need to do is make that first appointment and have a commitment to change.

Coming in for a session
The first session involves a chat so I can gain a general overview of the challenges you are facing and how they impact your life. It is a very relaxed talk. I will explain a little about the therapies I use and answer any questions or concerns you have. We then progress with a little relaxation and get to work on creating a more empowering mindset. The mind is our most powerful asset as long as we use it in the most helpful way.

My book for men

My third book is ‘Stresses of Modern Man – Mental Health Challenges Explained‘. This will help you gain some insights and realise that you are not alone in your struggles. It also provides you with some tips and techniques.

It’s a bloke thing, we don’t want to talk, we don’t want to open up, we don’t want to appear weak, trust me it’s far nicer talking, opening up and being strong mentally.
We all lose a loved one, that’s part of life right! Sometimes that loss can have far reaching effects, well it did for me. Losing my mum in 2012 changed my life but I didn’t realise how much it would effect me as a person, those I interacted with and my enjoyment of the world around me.
It took 8 years before I finally thought I need to do something about who I am and the person I’d become. A year on from that I contacted Ann. Hypnotherapy and Holistic Health. Ann puts you into a relaxed state, one in which allows your subconscious to be open you are fully aware of all what’s going on.
Within a few sessions thinking about my mum no longer brought the feeling of loss and upset but one of joy and happy memories of the wonderful woman that had been a huge part of my life.
I didn’t stop there as once my mind had become less cluttered with those sad feelings I knew there was more that could hopefully be achieved with Ann’s skill, calm and welcoming environment. Ann has resolved deep down issues from childhood right up to how I think in everyday circumstances. It has improved my relationship with my wife and family, I’m more thoughtful and open, reflective about situations and what others may be going through.
We used Colour Mirrors during one of our sessions, I thought really, coloured liquid that will express my thoughts and emotions how can a bottle tell what’s going on inside my head. However, Ann used these wonderful bottles to unlock the hidden depths of my subconscious and, believe me, they do tell a story. A story that does not need words but one that can unlock chapters.
If it hadn’t been for Ann I would have survived life but I would not have lived life. We all deserve to live life, to love and be loved and not to simply exist. Our lives are occupied by so many outside influences, some we try and control, others which we have no control over. Ann has helped me be in control and given me and my once confused head the tools to take control, be the person I know and wanted to be.
Steve B

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