We lack motivation to make positive lifestyle changes such as exercising or eating healthily.  It can also be an issue in respect of keeping our home tidy or motivation within work.  You might want to take on a challenge but there is a part of you holding you back.  

Sometimes you want to have the motivation to change a behaviour such as to stop drinking alcohol in the evening.  You have all good intentions but those are easily disregarded after a tough day at work.

Some reasons for lack of motivation could be:

  • Low self-worth
  • Exhaustion / burn-out
  • Lack of self-belief/confidence
  • It feels as if the effort outweighs the benefits
  • Feeling unfulfilled in work or home life
  • Stress
  • You have a fear of failure so you don’t start
  • Fear of the unknown (how making that change will impact your life)

There may also be unconscious reasons and beliefs as to why you lack motivation.  There can be two key aspects to this.  One is to address any beliefs held within the subconscious that are holding you back. Another is to help you focus on the benefits of making that change.  

Hypnotherapy and my other therapies have helped many of my clients feel motivated again.  I often see a positive shift in their energy and their thinking and they feel so good for having made the change.

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When I first met Ann I wasn’t very optimistic to say the least, but willing to give anything a try to change my approach to food, my sport and life. It has taken 5 sessions now, but I am a changed man, my entire approach to food is so very different and I’m now storming towards smashing my goals in no time at all. Along the way we had some hard times [dealing with deep embedded issues following traumatic experiences which were linked to the lack of motivation and poor diet] but once you break down those barriers, Ann can perform what I would only call ‘miracles’ with your subconscious mind. I am now well on the way to becoming the athlete I so strive to be! I’d recommend Hypnotherapy & Holistic Health to anyone.

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