Performance Anxiety

From best man’s speak to sports performance, I’ve helped many clients to feel more confident and positive about their performance.  What can a sprinkling of self-belief do for you?  Going into a situation with a positive mindset, especially if you are the centre of attention, can give you a massive step-up.

When you suffer with performance anxiety it can stop you doing things such as getting that promotion at work because it entails public presentations, sitting exams and of course lack of confidence to deliver your best in sport.  Having competed in sport for over 20 years, I have a good understanding of the pressures we put on ourselves and what a differences a positive mind-set can make.

Performance anxiety is another issue related to the subconscious mind.   It might simply be the result of a remark someone has made to you decades ago or an incident in your past, which may appear to be quite insignificant now but, at the time, changed your belief system about your ability to deliver.   Common beliefs for those with performance anxiety are:

  • “I’m not good enough”
  • “Everyone else is better than me”
  • “I’m going to mess it up”
  • “I’m not capable”

You tend to focus on things going wrong.  “What if I can’t answer a question”. As the fear sets in, so do the fight or flight symptoms. These may include clouded thinking (causing you to forget everything you know), clammy hands, shallow and quick breathing, digestive issues, sweating and heart beating fast. 

We can cover any aspect of performance anxiety in my private studio or online. I help you re-write those unhelpful beliefs. We also use a combination of techniques to give you the tools to prepare yourself for your ‘performance’. Importantly, your sessions are tailored to you. I will give you the benefit of my experiences too.

We use hypnotherapy and my other treatments and techniques, specifically focussed on what is important to you. We take into account all the unique aspects of your performance. You will have the confidence to deliver to the best of your ability.

Even though I love cycling I was very nervous descending steep hills. I’d get sweaty palms, tense shoulders, gritted teeth, etc. My hands hurt due to holding on so tightly and it was always a relief to get to the bottom. When Ann told me that she had trained as a hypnotherapist I immediately asked if I could have some sessions for my fear of descents. I had two sessions with Ann during which she put me totally at ease. I felt really relaxed and amazing afterwards. When I went out on the bike the next day I felt more confident and, amazingly, I had no fear going down hills. I didn’t even think twice about it. In fact, I actually wanted to go as fast as I could – smiling all the way! I cannot thank Ann enough for her help and encouragement. I completed my first duathlon today and loved it and look forward to competing in triathlons later this year. I would not be doing any of this without Ann’s help – a true professional.

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