Physical Pain

Physical pain is a message that something is wrong and needs to be addressed.  Imagine if you broke a bone in your leg but had no pain.  You wouldn’t rest and nurture that leg and therefore your leg wouldn’t heal quickly or properly.

Therefore, pain serves a purpose.  But very often we become so sensitive to pain and the pain becomes so severe that it impacts your life.  Pain can be linked to trauma.  It can also be linked to your belief system.  

If you had an accident, pain might be held through the memory of that accident.

Sometimes pain is related to stress and once the stress is removed your body relaxes and the pain disappears.  This is very common with jaw, neck and shoulder pain.   We can work on reducing the stress or how you perceive the stress and thereby bringing your body to a more balanced state and releasing the pain.

We work with your subconscious mind using various methods and techniques to reduce and very often eliminate pain.  I’ve witnessed my clients’ surprise when they achieve full range of movement or the pain disappears.  

I went to see Ann to help with severe jaw pain I was getting. First of all, I found Ann’s studio very welcoming and listening to the calming music in her lovely waiting room had me relaxed before I had even met her. When we went into her therapy room we had a chat about the pain and Ann explained how the pain was most likely linked to stress. I explained that I had been stressed. I had never been hypnotised before and was a little nervous about that but Ann explained the process and I actually enjoyed the experience. Ann also did ‘tapping’ and by the end of the session the pain was gone. We did a few more sessions to help with the stress and I feel massively better. In fact I also had back pain which is now easing so perhaps that was connected too. So a big thank you to Ann at Hypnotherapy & Holistic Health.

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