Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

I have helped many of my clients put trauma well and truly behind them.  To some, the techniques I use are cutting edge.  We can work swiftly through trauma in my private studio, without any need to talk through everything which is often a relief to many of my clients.  Of course, we always have the opportunity to talk if this is a help too.  

We all suffer trauma, as there can be small traumas and large traumas.  Trauma can be ‘one-offs’ or ‘ongoing’; either way they are held within our subconscious minds and cells of our bodies.  These traumas impact our thought processes and behaviours and therefore control our life unless they are released. 

If you have experienced trauma, do not disregard the impact this will have on your life.  It will influence the way you think and feel.  It can cause you to make unhealthy choices, limit your potential and disregard your feelings.  There is no doubt trauma can prevent you from living your best life.

Often I am the first person that you tell of your trauma as you have found it too difficult to confide in anyone else. 

For people that suffer with PTSD their life is impacted day in day out.  PTSD can impact relationships, self-worth, work and definitely enjoyment of life.

Trauma can seriously impact your belief system.  People who experience trauma might have the following beliefs for example:

  • “I’m not good enough”
  • “I’m not worthy”
  • “I’m flawed”
  • “I must be perfect to be loved”

Never underestimate the impact that trauma can have on you.  It can lead to anxiety, panic attacks, addiction, a feeling of isolation, depression, low self-esteem and confidence, insomnia, eating disorders and many more problems.

The therapies I use help you to overcome trauma, and help to relieve you of the related symptoms on your physical and mental health.  We look to create a healthier belief system.  I love to see the transformation in my clients as they benefit from this important work. Often people are amazed at the benefits of this type of treatment.  These changes are possible because we are working with the powerhouse of the mind – the subconscious mind.

As with all my therapies, I work in a bespoke way always tailoring the treatment for you.

Working with Ann was an entirely life changing experience.I’d suffered several traumas, physically, psychologically and emotionally, over the last 15 years ranging from attempted rape in my teens to severe workplace bullying and harassment. Ann’s methods even brought out events that I hadn’t registered had consciously caused me trauma; I suppose once you are hurting so much that you no longer feel pain, or indeed any feelings either given or received, you stop acknowledging new wounds. Through hypnotherapy, EFT and the use of colour therapy Ann gave me the tools to delicately unwind the metaphorical, failing dressings covering my wounds and heal them completely rather than just covering them up again. Ann enabled me to open myself up to feeling loved and give love to my baby girl, my boys and my husband and to trust again. I can now sleep peacefully, switching off to all the noise of everyday life. I can confidently stand tall and walk into buildings that once left me a quivering, sobbing wreck.

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