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Stresses of Modern Man – Mental Health Challenges Explained (Paperback)


Men’s mental health has become a hot topic but I continue to have doubts about how often men really do open up and their well-being and challenges they face.  Through my work, I have found men to be unsure as to what they are experiencing is ‘normal’.  They believe other men do not have the same feelings and challenges as they do.

This book will help to:

  • Gain greater insight into mental well-being.
  • Remove the stigma still associated with mental health issues.
  • Encourage men to be much kinder to themselves.
  • Provide simple techniques to help men make positive changes.
  • Encourage men to talk about the difficulties they are facing.
  • Help men take the next step to seeking professional help.


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“Stresses of Modern Man is absolutely brilliant on so many levels. The flow of the book is spot on and works through common issues in a good order. Having read Ann’s first brilliant two books, her passion to help people shines through, however this one takes it to another level. It really feels like Ann is physically reaching out to people promising the reader that they are not alone, not the only person experiencing these issues and that they are indeed good people who deserve better and can have better times ahead of them. The author provides clear and easy bite size steps that anyone can accomplish. She is a real voice and aid for anyone suffering with any form of mental health and I for one am extremely grateful for her contributions. There is no magic wand to help with mental health but thanks to Ann’s commitment and passion we now have a bloody good manual!” – Georgie Le Cras