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The Energy of Anxiety (paperback)


This self help guide provides insights into anxiety, addresses new perspectives in helping you to change your mindset and is filled with helpful techniques.  It is based on my experience as a therapist in helping people overcome anxiety.

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“It is a book that provides real, achievable solutions rather than promising a quick fix to solve your problems by the time you finish reading it! It will help you understand how your mind works and how to challenge those unwanted feelings and emotions and help yourself to a more enjoyable life. There are plenty of simple exercises to practise to help you as you work through the Chapters, together with a section of the book solely devoted to self-help and therapy guided methods. It may be that one of these methods may not be for you and that is why this book is so good, there are plenty of different options for you to explore to find a level that you are comfortable with to help you achieve your goals.” – Karina Jackson