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The Power of Confidence (paperback)


Confidence is important for every day living. Using Ann’s tips, you can live your life confidently. Following on from The Energy of Anxiety, Therapist, Ann Bowditch has produced another relatable and honest book. This book provides a plethora of information and useful tips.

Ann helps you get to grips with the workings of the mind and put your natural skills to good use. Easy to understand and packed full of interesting information. Ann has a unique way of putting her knowledge out in the world.

The Power of Confidence explores:

  • Understand your own belief system and how it relates to confidence;
  • Use simple skills for lasting changes;
  • Gain social confidence with simple techniques;
  • New perspectives to living life confidently;
  • Using Emotional Freedom Technique for positive change.

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“Ann’s use of personal experiences makes everything much more real, easy to relate to and understandable. The book really helps you to understand why you are lacking confidence. Once you understand why something happens, wanting to help yourself becomes a higher priority. Ann’s ability to put this across in a book is immense. Ann’s use of language and the ability to explain things is excellent and her use of humour really adds to the book. The exercises and techniques are excellent, easy to complete and relatable to every day life. Visualisation exercises, tapping and vision boards, Ann’s way of engaging the reader is brilliant and really gives you the energy to want to be a more confident person. A thoroughly enjoyable read. Thank you Ann!” – Tara