Self-Esteem & Confidence

I love to help my clients know their worth and value themselves.  Far too often, people put themselves down and allow others to trample on their boundaries, damaging self-respect and worthiness.  You are worth more than this and the fact you are reading this page suggests you are beginning to realise it too.

If you are looking for more confidence, I’m pleased you are ready to address this because too often, people fail to fulfil their potential, not because they can’t but because they do not appreciate what they are capable of.  I look forward to exploring your capabilities and helping build up your confidence so you can get the most out of life.

When we lack in self esteem or self confidence we don’t enjoy life to the full.  Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself, your opinion of yourself and your general self-worth.  Someone with low self-esteem might think “I can never look as good as all my friends”.  Self-confidence is believing you can achieve or succeed at something.  Someone lacking self-confidence might think “I am never going to manage to learn this skill”.

Our internal self-talk becomes very negative.  Do you put yourself down?  Do you compare yourself to others?  Are you always looking for fault with yourself?

We are not born with a lack of self-esteem or confidence.  This means that life events impact us.  Here are a few examples of the types of things that could have impacted both these subjects:

  • Being compared to others
  • Being criticised
  • You are laughed at for getting something wrong
  • If you were bullied
  • Being told you won’t amount to anything
  • Struggling at school academically

The above are examples of matters I have helped to resolve with my clients.  When we work with the powerhouse of the mind (the subconscious mind), we can change your reality.  Along with helping you to see new perspectives and, where appropriate, simple techniques, we can work together to lift both your self-esteem and confidence.  Don’t let these issues hold you back in life.

How will your life change when your self esteem and confidence are raised up?  What will you do, how will you feel and what will be the greatest improvement in your life?

I’ve known Ann for some time now, benefitting from her diet and fitness expertise as a personal trainer so knew firsthand how professional and good she is so thought she could help me on a small confidence problem. I had helped out with a spot of teaching and although I had done this for a few years I always looked with great trepidation and anxiety on the days leading up to my weekly lesson, then had a feeling of total relief when it was over. It was a constant source of anxiety for me even though I was more than able to deliver. In all I had two sessions with Ann, both very calm, relaxing and successful. I cannot really say what happened but just know that afterwards I felt empowered and confident. I used to worry about lesson planning and student interaction and have willingly taken on extra. I can honestly say all those years of feeling uptight and nervous have evaporated. Ann has certainly helped me and I would recommend her services to anyone. Thank you so much.

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