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Please submit any enquiries to ann@hypnotherapy.gg. Usually a response would be given with 24 hours. If you do not receive a response, please contact me again either by e-mail or telephone.

If you have a problem with the above e-mail please send an e-mail to hypnotherapy@suremail.gg.

It may be necessary to wait for your first appointment. I therefore suggest that you do not wait until matters are severe for you before taking action.

Upon booking of sessions I will ask you to complete a confidential consent form.

Please rest assured that all matters discussed within the therapy room are confidential.

In return for my commitment and respect I show towards you, I would ask the same of you towards me. As your therapist, I am completely committed to helping you achieve success. Please note, however, that success is your responsibility. Your undertaking is therefore to attend the arranged sessions, to commit to any self-development work proposed by me and continue therapy through until signed off.

You have undertaken to make changes in your life and these changes will only happen with your commitment and dedication. I have helped many people make very positive changes in their lives. The changes you are seeking may be life changing, make you happier, healthier, more confident and will certainly be positive so I am sure you want to commit to these changes.

Should you waiver in terms of your commitment to this process upon reading this section, then you are probably not ready to commit to these changes and I suggest that you therefore take whatever time or action you need to ensure that you are prepared for success, prior to booking in with me.