“A family member suggested I contacted Ann because I started suffering with Anxiety which was “totally out of the blue’.  I soon leant it can get in the way of dealing with tasks in everyday life. I met with Ann.  The first session, I broke down.  It was also relief that I had someone I could talk to. Realising I was still grieving and Covid had brought its problems in work and life in general. My second session, I felt a little bit nervous but I really didn’t need to be. Ann continue with Hypnotherapy where I was totally in control.  Ann helped me to break down these negative emotions and to cope also using EFT. The third session was about who I was as a person.  It reminded me that I am still this funny, lovable person.  This gave me back my confidence. I am so glad I was able to recognise that I needed help and support when I did, and I found this in Ann. I recently have a fantastic holiday to France, at one stage my husband asked me if I was missing home and I wasn’t (RESULT).

THANK YOU Ann.  I know I couldn’t have done it without your input and support.