Category: Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis will take you into an altered state of awareness, commonly known as trance. Trance is a natural state of deep relaxation and inner focus, those who meditate will recognise that experience. In a normal day we all go in and out of trance quite frequently. In trance the mind turns inwards, where it focuses on thoughts, memory, fantasy and other areas. It’s similar to daydreaming. Most people can relate to driving to your destination and realising that you have no recollection of getting there! That is the state of trance. People have different experiences of the trance state and go into trance at varying depths and because the conscious mind remains aware, some people are unsure as to whether they actually went into trance. It is quite common for people to believe that they were not properly hypnotised because they remember “thinking” during the session, and can remember much, or all, of what happened. You will remember everything that you want to remember. For those people it is likely that the went into a light trance, a very pleasant, relaxing and comfortable state where the desired outcome can still be achieved. People are often a little apprehensive in their first session and tend to remember everything from that session although they quite often lose track of time, often thinking they have been in trance for much less time than they actually were. Once you are more accustomed to being in trance, you might not remember all that has happened but that does not matter because your unconscious mind has heard every word and it is the unconscious mind that we are reaching out to.