"Unusually I jumped up and did my bit!!"

A glowing testimonial for Business networking and public speaking anxiety:-

“ I have to say “wow” that’s the best word, I’ve been completely different and noticed that (A) I’ve started conversation with the people I would be worried about, (B) been much more relaxed and tuned into the discussion, (C) during conference today I made a public questioned comment and was then invited to take the stage to tell what we had to offer, unusually I jumped up and did my bit!!!!!!!

So thank you so much, I’m really pleased and reckon we have cracked it!”




Fear of public speaking can be incredibly stressful.  It can cause the same reactions in your body as if you were being chased by a wild animal – clammy hands, heart rate sped up, rapid and shallow breathing, clouded thinking and unable to digest food often giving the feeling the need to vomit.

The good news is that presentation and public speaking anxiety can be overcome using hypnotherapy.  Hypnotherapy not only trains your brain to feel ‘safe’ in a public speaking situation but it releases old fears around public speaking and builds up your confidenceAnn Bowditch of Hypnotherapy & Holistic Health in Guernsey uses other key techniques including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help you make changes and has been incredibly successful at helping people overcome public speaking anxiety including wedding nerves, work presentations and best man speeches.

If you would like to know more about how Ann can help you to overcome your presentation/public speaking anxiety or build your confidence please contact Ann or visit her website.


Ann Bowditch GQHP, GHR Reg., META-P
Dip (Hyp) Hypnotherapy
EFT Level 3 (AAMET Certified) & Matrix Reimprinting
Meta-Health & EmoTrance
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PSTEC Level 1-A (Advanced PSTEC)