Weight Issues

My weight loss therapy has proven to be hugely successful.  Having helped people to take charge of their eating habits without the diet mentality for over a decade has been hugely rewarding.  Clients of reported the following:

  • I feel more in control.
  • I haven’t touched chocolate since our session [8 years ago].
  • I have biscuits in the cupboard / chocolate in the fridge but I haven’t touched it whereas normally it would all be gone.
  • I’m not thinking about food all day long anymore.
  • I have no desire for coke anymore.
  • I now recognise when I have had enough food and stop eating then.

There is no doubt that for some people, hypnotherapy for weight loss can be life changing.  My clients report thinking about food less, not craving those ‘naughty’ foods and being more in control. Additional benefits can be less painful joints, lowered blood pressure, more energy, raised self esteem and confidence.  This gives you a great impetus to be more healthy generally.

Many of my clients will report making unconscious changes to their eating habits after the first session.

Importantly, we are not seeking perfection and steer well clear of the ‘diet’ mentality, which has proven to be so destructive for many people.

I offer two options for weight loss: ‘normal weight loss hypnotherapy’ where we look at the issues specific to your eating habits and address those.  Along with the hypnotherapy, I have a very successful technique for releasing cravings.  This gives you a great kick-start.

We can deal more specifically with binge eating too.  Part of this process might be to help you release past trauma (eg bullying, abuse or other challenging events).  The sessions are tailored to your needs.  Many of my clients need to put themselves first.  If there are emotional connections, we can look to release those too.

Did you know that issues such as grief, can be a cause of emotional eating?  Some people self sabotage and many of our deeper eating issues stem from childhood.  Stress is another cause for poor eating behaviours and weight gain.

Another popular option is the Hypno-Gastric Band Weight Loss Therapy. This is a process conducted over 7 weeks and 4 sessions, which includes a virtual operation on session three. Clients are often surprised at how thorough the process is.  We also use my special cravings technique on the first session.

If you are unsure which weight loss treatment is right for you, please get in touch and we can proceed from there.

I can highly recommend Ann and what she does, not only does she care about how you feel, she really wants to do well for you so that you can do well and care about yourself. Never felt so positive about my relationship with food and I’ve lost a stone in 6 weeks, I don’t even feel as if I’m on a diet. If you’re considering doing this, all I can say is DO IT.

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